AGM 2016

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The Annual General Meeting of Pembroke Athleta Athletics & Triathlon will be held next Sunday, 16th October at 10.30am.

Location: Pembroke Athleta Sports Club, Tunis Road, Pembroke.

All members, their parents and other interested newcomers are invited to attend this annual event.

During the AGM, the following agenda will be followed:

  1. Reading of minutes of the previous AGM 2015/16.
  2. Administrative report.
  3. Financial report.
  4. Amendments to statute.
  5. Motions.
  6. Committee election for the coming season. Nomination of tellers.
  7. Appointment of auditor.
  8. Concluding remarks of the President.


AGM Pembroke Athleta Athletics & Triathlon Invitation  


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