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Silver for Hannah Pace at European Triathlon Championships

  Malta once again claimed a place on the podium when National Triathlon Champion Hannah Pace took Silver in the Standard Distance Triathlon (1.5km swim, 40km bike, 10km run).  Pace who competed in the 25-29 Age Group had to contend with very stiff competition due to this Age Group being one of the most hotly ... More

Pembroke Athleta sealed its 21st title in a Row in the MAAA’s Clubs League

ATHLETICS – Final Encounter, The Clubs League Champion Club Pembroke Athleta managed to retain the major titles won last year when in the third and final encounter, despite missing some of its best elements, the club managed to stave off stiff opposition that had threatened to upset its dominance in the sport. The ... More

The Clubs’ League 2018 – Second Round

To start relating to the events of this round of the 2018 competition, without saluting our valiant athletes who battled keenly to keep the Pembroke banner on high, would be doing a grave dis-service.  Bereft of quite a number of our top athletes, it was left for the great hearts of these athletes to sportingly fight it ... More

The 2018 Clubs’ League – First Round

This year Pembroke Athleta is facing a stiffer test to retain the title won by our males’ year-on-year over the past 20 years.  This is not due to lack of commitment, or to our wealth of talent, but what with other competitions, certain members competing abroad, injuries, studies, work and multiple other reasons, ... More

COJI 1st Day

The huge amount of success obtained in athletics on the first day of competition in Catania Sicily is enough proof to justify that authorities, in this instance the Malta Olympic Committee, should take heed and adopt the right policies to sponsor fully our valiant youngsters and not rely on parents to fork out the FULL ... More

MOC Youth Elite Scheme 2018

Youth Elite Athlete Scheme 2018 was launched at the MOC headquarters on Monday 21st May. We are pleased to announce that the Maltese Olympic Committee has selected four of our club members to form part of 2018 MOC Youth Elite Athlete Scheme. These are Alessia Cristina, Rachela Pace, Carla Scicluna and Sean Mallia. The ... More

Cadets & Youths National Championships Round Up

The National Championships held by the Association for Youths (14 and 15 years’ old) and Cadets (aged 12 and 13) naturally hold a special attraction for youngsters eager to step onto the podium as medal winners. Pembroke Athleta, with its coaching structure, again emerged as a dominant force, with athletes winning 37 ... More

MAAA Awards Night Season 2017

  There is hardly anyone who can recall a year, going back at least the last two decades, when a member, indeed members, of our glorious club Plembroke Athleta, were not among the list of awardees.  It would not do justice if one were to name our heroes and miss anybody out, so no list is ... More

Road League 2017 – 2018 Ta’ Qali, 28 January 2018

  Lisa Marie Bezzina and Luke Micallef provided the Pembroke zip at Ta’ Qali at the penultimate encounter of this season’s Road Running League. Lisa consolidated her challenge for top spot with another superb win, with Luke fast emerging as a strong candidate for the second over-all spot with his strong ... More

Marsaskala Road Relay 2018

The Marsaskala Road Relay has a special allure of its own and like most years the Club was present with a good number of athletes - 19 to be exact - making up five teams of four with only one having to decline at the eleventh hour. Meantime our three male teams and the remaining whole foursome for the ladies gave ... More