9th Memorial Joe M Gerada

Dear Friends in sport,

Following the postponement of this Memorial last year, due to inclement weather and to the proximity of the week-end to the festivities, the Club Pembroke Athleta, Athletics & Triathlon will again resume with pride and homage to its former Secretary Joseph M Gerada with this Annual T & F competition.

In this regard kindly find attached the Circular and Programme that will be followed on Saturday 23 December 2017.

Kindly keep in view that the number of events have had to be restricted due to lack of daylight, this being practically the shortest span of daylight available and the fact that the competition is right in the middle of the Festivities.

In extending our warm welcome for all to take part, the Committee of the Club would like to extend the Best Wishes of the Season to all lovers of Our Sport For Life.

Happy Christmas and a Bright New Year 2018 to all.



Anthony Fava


For full program of events, please follow this link:

Joe M Gerada Circular and Timetable

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