Pembroke Athleta Athletics & Triathlon forms part of a multi-discipline sports club based at Pembroke Athleta Sports Club in Tunis Road Pembrokeand now with additional premises at the ex-parade grounds stadium near the Radisson Blu hotel and Pembroke gardens.


Training sessions at Pembroke, Marsa, and Imriehel. This is internationally known as the QUEEN of sport. Disciplines that make up athletics are the jumps, the throws, sprinting and endurance running events. All of us at some time in our life are drawn to these basic physical activities starting at and especially in childhood. The athletics section has girls and boys of all ages training with the club.

Internationally qualified coaches guide them through their first experience in all the events and later help them to specialize in those events of their choice and aptitude.


This sport discipline takes in swimming, cycling and running together. Our Pembroke Athleta tri-athletes train hard to achieve personal bests in all these disciplines. This endurance sport involves team events and relays as well as individual competition, both at short distance and the longer triathlon events. The Olympic triathlon and Iron man are the most popular.

Pembroke Athleta has a group of promising, experienced lady and men triathletes coming up. Most of them train with coaches specializing in triathlete events, giving particular attention to their performances.

Coaching set-up

The club caters for all ages, having a Nursery group for children aged from 5 to 10 years, the cubs and kids category; for cadets and youths ranging from 11 to 15 years of age, followed by the Intermediate, Juniors and Seniors categories,who are considered the categories for event specialization. Veterans aged over 35 years and over, the Master category,also find scope to make us of the coaching programme.

Both young and experienced athletes grow within the club coaches group structure while some opt for free-lance coaching. Club monitors that every athlete is making progress from one age group to another under the guidance of their dedicated club coaches. Attention is given during the competitive period where the athletes need most encouragement.