A Brief History of Pembroke Athleta – Athletics & Triathlon

From its origins some sixty odd years ago, the name Athleta is perhaps the only remnant of the club given birth by a certain young priest, Father Lupi, on his return from the Vatican where he was giving service.   The venue was the Regina Angelorum a former grand mansion in Cathedral Street Sliema bequeathed to the Church authorities presumably to become a place to gather the youth of the surrounding area, and, through the practice of sport, imbue the youngsters with good values and a sound moral fibre to help them live an exemplary life in the traditions of good Catholics.  Like most things on and of this Earth, no secular institution lasts forever, and in growing up, members of the initial group of youngsters somehow fell out of the fold and migrated the Club to small premises in Ghar il-Lembi Street.

With fortunes ebb-ing and fro-ing in the passing years, the Club evolved into the legendary Alpine 76 in another part of the town, before practically vanishing from the scene for some time. Resurrected once again as Athleta, this time in the nascent Pembroke Town, the multi-sport Club successively took on the name Athleta Pembroke –which was later again changed to Pembroke Athleta- starting in the late eighties and early nineties, after which the present strong Athletics outfit commenced its dominance on the local scene, with Triathlon being the latest addition to the name to reflect the wishes of some members wanting to take up this off-shoot of athletics.