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Rebecca Saré leaps to GSSE MQS

rebecca triple

One of the best performances during last Saturday, 21st March Clubs’ League at Marsa was Rebecca Saré’s triple jump. The Pembroke Athleta athlete produced a remarkable triple jump – hopping, stepping and jumping a distance of 12.23 m, a mere 3 cm away from her own national record in this event. With this leap she sealed her right to compete in the upcoming Games of Small States of Europe which are to be held in Iceland next June, on her own merit, since she attained the triple jump Minimum Qualifying Standard set for these games. Rebecca Sare’ is one of our grass roots athlete, presently being coached by Jivko Jetchev.

Her comments on the day after her performance were surely promising: “To qualify, I knew I had to surpass the distance I had jumped myself in the last GSSE edition – 12.08m. So the qualification target was within my sight. I’m very glad that I managed to do so, at this early stage of the season and I feel that it is very encouraging. I’m looking forward to work harder, certainly aiming to improve this distance further,  to be able to defend the GSSE medal!”

We congratulate her for this achievement!

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