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Pembroke Athleta Athletics & Triathlon forms part of a multi-discipline sports club based at Pembroke Athleta Sports Club in Tunis Road Pembrokeand now with additional premises at the ex-parade grounds stadium near the Radisson Blu hotel and Pembroke gardens.

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From its origins some sixty odd years ago, the name Athleta is perhaps the only remnant of the club given birth by a certain young priest, Father Lupi, on his return from the Vatican where he was giving service.


The venue was the Regina Angelorum a former grand mansion in Cathedral Street Sliema bequeathed to the Church authorities presumably to become a place to gather the youth of the surrounding area, and, through the practice of sport, imbue the youngsters with good values and a sound moral fibre to help them live an exemplary life in the traditions of good Catholics.


Like most things on and of this Earth, no secular institution lasts forever, and in growing up, members of the initial group of youngsters somehow fell out of the fold and migrated the Club to small premises in Ghar il-Lembi Street.

With fortunes ebb-ing and fro-ing in the passing years, the Club evolved into the legendary Alpine 76 in another part of the town, before practically vanishing from the scene for some time. Resurrected once again as Athleta, this time in the nascent Pembroke Town, the multi-sport Club successively took on the name Athleta Pembroke –which was later again changed to Pembroke Athleta- starting in the late eighties and early nineties, after which the present strong Athletics outfit commenced its dominance on the local scene, with Triathlon being the latest addition to the name to reflect the wishes of some members wanting to take up this off-shoot of athletics.


Pembroke Athleta Athletics & Triathlon forms part of a multi-discipline sports club based at Pembroke Athleta Sports Club in Tunis Road Pembroke and now with additional premises at the ex-parade grounds stadium near the Radisson Blu hotel and Pembroke gardens.


Training sessions at Pembroke, Marsa, and Imriehel. This is internationally known as the QUEEN of sport. Disciplines that make up athletics are the jumps, the throws, sprinting and endurance running events. All of us at some time in our life are drawn to these basic physical activities starting at and especially in childhood. The athletics section has girls and boys of all ages training with the club.

Internationally qualified coaches guide them through their first experience in all the events and later help them to specialise in those events of their choice and aptitude.


This sport discipline takes in swimming, cycling and running together. Our Pembroke Athleta triathletes train hard to achieve personal bests in all these disciplines. This endurance sport involves team events and relays as well as individual competition, both at short distance and the longer triathlon events. The Olympic triathlon and Iron man are the most popular.

Pembroke Athleta has a group of promising, experienced lady and men triathletes coming up. Most of them train with coaches specialising in triathlete events, giving particular attention to their performances.


Pembroke Athleta Gymnastics Club is a club for children aged 1.5 years and upwards. The club aims to develop and celebrate the strength, agility and flexibility that everybody can achieve by offering a range of gymnastics classes that cater for everyone, from young beginners to competitive women’s artistic gymnasts.

Here at Pembroke Athleta Gymnastics our gymnasts are taught general gymnastics including floor, vault, beam, bars, trampoline and tumbling. 

Our club offers an open, safe and friendly environment and professionally qualified coaches who will train and encourage your child to reach their fullest potential in gymnastics. 

Coaching set-up

The club caters for all ages, having a Nursery group for children aged from 5 to 10 years, the cubs and kids category; for cadets and youths ranging from 11 to 15 years of age, followed by the Intermediate, Juniors and Seniors categories, who are considered the categories for event specialisation. Veterans aged over 35 years and over, the Master category, also find scope to make us of the coaching programme.

Both young and experienced athletes grow within the club coaches group structure while some opt for free-lance coaching. Club monitors that every athlete is making progress from one age group to another under the guidance of their dedicated club coaches. Attention is given during the competitive period where the athletes need most encouragement.

Pembroke Joins EAP

Pembroke Athleta Athletics & Triathlon Club (P.A.A.T.)  proudly announce that the club has been accepted as a European Athletics Promotion Circuit Member. The decision was made during the 29th EAP Congress being held today in Tain l’Hermitage, in France.

This decision opens a new chapter for the club, and is part of the implementation of the club’s Sports Development Programme aimed at improving the standards of its athletes. The programme includes a number of initiatives, which include Talent Identification, Training Camps, Coaching Clinics, an Elite Athletes Support Scheme and presenting it’s athletes with more opportunities to compete in international athletics meetings both locally and abroad.

Becoming an EAP Member presents P.A.A.T. with the right and

obligation to host an International Athletics Meeting, with the first one expected to be held on 4th May 2019. It also presents club athletes with greater and cheaper opportunities to participate in athletics meetings abroad.

The 2019 meeting will be open to EAP Members and Non-EAP foreign athletes as well as to all local athletes, and will include an extensive events programme for both Senior and Youth athletes. The Malta meeting will definitely help athletes of Team Malta in their preparation for the 2019 G.S.S.E. and will be a stepping stone for up and coming athletes aspiring to make it to the 2023 G.S.S.E.

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