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Membership Only

Choose your membership

Select membership only or add a coaching package.

  • Membership only

    Valid till End of June 2024
    Valid for one year
    • Annual Club Membership Fee
    • For athletes with Freelance Coach

    APPLICATION FORM (Full Program)
    Valid for 9 months
    • Tailor-made for schools to introduce children to athletics
Membership + Coaching Package
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Membership + Coaching Package


Reduced Membership

Applying for members under 18 including a coaching package?
  • Junior

    Born between 2005 and 2006
    Valid for one year
    • Annual Club Membership Fee - €40
    • Yearly Coaching Fee - €300 - Valid till End of June 2024
  • Senior

    Born 2004 or earlier
    Valid for one year
    • Annual Club Membership Fee - €40
    • Yearly Coaching Fee - €300 - Valid till End of June 2024
  • Masters

    Over 35 years of age
    Valid for one year
    • Annual Club Membership Fee - €40
    • Yearly Coaching Fee - €135 - Valid till End of June 2024
A 50% Discount on Coaching Fees applies for the second member of the family forming part of the CUBS, KIDS and CADETS categories.

To access this page, first you need to purchase at least one PAAT membership. 


Pembroke Athleta Triathlon
  • Triathlon Nursery

    Every year
    Applies for all ages
    • Club Membership - €40
    • Coaching Fees - €240

Perks & Benefits


Experienced & Dedicated

The club caters for all ages, from the very young till masters category. We have a nursery group for children aged between 5 and 10 years old, who fall under the cubs and kids category; other group coaches for cadets and youths categories, ranging from 11 to 15 years of age, followed by the Intermediate, Juniors and Seniors categories. The later are considered as the categories for event specialisation. Veterans aged over 35 years and over, the Master category, also find scope to make use of our coaching programme.

Young and experienced athletes grow within the club coaches group structure, while some other club affiliated athletes opt for free-lance coaching. Our club monitors the progress of every athlete from one age group to another under the guidance of their dedicated club coaches. Our coaches are well informed about any up-coming competitions, both local and international competitions on the M.A.A.A. calendar, and they make sure to prepare our athletes the best possible way for such competitions.

Image by Matt Lee
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Use of equipment and gyms

Members can use all maintained athletic equipment at Marsa, Pembroke and Mrieħel College.

Free Participation in EAP Malta Meeting

Eligibility for FREE participation in the EAP Malta International Athletics Meeting.

Subsidised Physiotherapy

Subsidised Physiotherapy with minimal charges.

Access to EAP International Meetings

The possibility of participating in offshore EAP Athletics Meetings (Terms & Conditions and Other Criteria Apply)

Eurosport Loyalty Discount Card

All Paid Up Members for a Eurosport Loyalty Discount Card, which entitles them for 10% discount on All sports goods and 30% on Adidas running shoes at Eurosport B’Kara. (These discounts do not apply on any discount offers readily available at Eurosport)

Subsidised coaching fees

Subsidised coaching fees with our Club Coaching Schemes.

P.A.A.T. Elite Athlete Support Scheme

Eligibility for the P.A.A.T. Elite Athlete Support Scheme (Terms & Conditions and Other Criteria Apply)

40% Discount on all Club kits

40% discount on all club kits at Eurosport  B’Kara.

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