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Pembroke Athleta Athletics & Triathlon forms part of a multi-discipline sports club based at Pembroke Athleta Sports Club in Tunis Road Pembrokeand now with additional premises at the ex-parade grounds stadium near the Radisson Blu hotel and Pembroke gardens.

Start them young

Our junior triathlon nursery was established with clear intention of ensuring youth development is not based on intense competitive approach in which one can either burn a potential athlete or make them dislike the sport. With a combination of structure, growth and fun we introduce youths to this great mutli-discipline sport.

Guided by a team of qualified and experienced coaches we train children to become future athletes. Session are split between bike handling, swimming and conditioning training and range for complete beginners to advanced level. Starting from the age of 5 going up the the youths sections the club offers the possibility to any individual who wants to try the sport and join the group to integrate with all.

The main facility used are the training grounds of St. Clara Secondary School in Pembroke

Swimming sessions are held at the National Pool and, in warmer months, open water sessions.

Bike handling sessions are done both of flat surfaces to practice bike handling and transition on and off the bikes, also off-road immersed in nature helping to improve the bike handling

Throughout the year the team participates in various events across Malta and gozo which include Triathlons, Aquatons, road races and fun events.

Our club is a member of the Malta Triathlon Federation through which the sport is administered, structured and include support for training coaches. Through our membership within the MTF we can contribute and have a voted on matters that can help the sport grow in Malta

Do not worry about the equipment required to perform such a sport related, slowly as the children adapt and through guidance of our coaches the athletes together with parents or guardians will decide on which equipment is best for that particular age bracket. Until you get to that stage all you need is any bike and a helmet for safety precautions and off you go to enjoy the experience. The club and its members help support by sharing and give out trial bikes.

We truly encourage you to join our nursery, become a member and be part of this amazing group who through the sport, their coaches and the environment created have developed into an amazing group of people driven by the value of sportsmanship, friendship and willingness to learn.

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