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Announcement: Track Opening

To: MAAA Clubs, MAAA Council

In the attachment please find Circular re 2019 MAAA Challenge Meetings.

Also kindly note the following:

a. Venue of Challenge Meeting I scheduled for the 16th of March Challenge Meeting 1 will be held at the Matthew Micallef St John Stadium. The 16th of March will, however, not be the date of the official opening of the new track. This will take place at a later date. After the 16th of March, work on the embellishment of the venue will continue to take place.

b. Events for Kids in Challenge MeetingsThe events for Kids in Challenge Meetings are intended solely for children seeking entry into the National Sports School. Following the re-opening of the Track, a programme for Kids Athletics will be announced.

c. Helpers / Officials provided by ClubsIt has been noted that certain clubs participating in MAAA competitions are not providing a helper or official. This practice cannot persist during the Challenge Meetings.

d. Storm DamageThe storm of the 24th of February has caused significant damage to the Discus / Hammer Cage and the Pole Vault and High Jump Covers. Efforts are being made to carry out the necessary repairs prior to the 16th of March.

e. Training at the Matthew Micallef St John Athletic StadiumThe Matthew Micallef St John Athletic Training Stadium will reopen for training on the 25th of March.

f. Applications for Use of the Facilities of the Matthew Micallef St John Athletic StadiumClubs will within a few days receive details of how their athletes can apply for membership. Prospective members will be able to apply and pay online. Printed applications will also be available but users are encouraged to make use of the online option. On the 25th of March, athletes making use of the facility have to be paid up members.

g. Cross Country RelaysDue to unforeseen circumstances, the Cross-Country Relays will not be held on the 10th of March as previously planned and advised.

Edwin Attard

PresidentMalta Amateur Athletic Association website: mob: +356 7925 2743

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