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Brian Magri – World Masters Half Marathon

On August 16th, Pembroke Athleta athlete Brian Magri, participated in the Half Marathon of the World Masters Athletics Championships which were held in Lyon, France.

As Magri recalls “It was a memorable race” where he managed to finish sixth overall in a time of 1:16:01 from among 108 participants in his age group. This results achieved is just one second away from the fifth finisher and one minute and twenty one seconds away from the third place.

Magri explained that “the race course venue was changed three times by the race organizers. Finally, they chose to do it in Parilly Parc as it offers better shade for the athletes should it be a heatwave on the day. However, the temperature on race day was much cooler than expected, it was below 17deg and overcast for most of the race. Although the race course was mostly flat with short low hills, it had many sharp turns and u-turns, which had an adverse effected on my legs.”

Over 1200 athletes were amassed at the start line like sardines, and at the gun signal, Magri explains that he could see at least one athlete tumbling down and others pushing their way forward.

“I raced with the best athletes around the world and finally I was able to offer some serious challenge to them”, Magri concluded.

On behalf of Pembroke Athleta members, we would like to Congratulate Brian for this achievement.


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