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Challenge 1 – Daniel Saliba and Janet Richard rule the Roost!

Inevitably, it had to come! The first series of the Challenge Meet for Seniors; the first event of the day; the first National Record by the Club this T & F summer season! It befell Daniel Saliba to sail over the high hurdles to conclude his 110 meters effort in a new time of 15.50 seconds. Daniel has been a regular feature in the Clubs’ numerous National Record books year over year, and his feat last Saturday is likely to spawn others before the season’s out. At the National Championships would do just fine Daniel!

Elsewhere, our elite was put to the test at the Track events, as for the exception of the Long Jump, Jana Dabic was facing all opposition single-handedly, nevertheless giving a very good account of herself. The club welcomed back Charlotte Wingfield from her long lay-off due to Covid-19 restrictions. Her lack of training had to show and despite not being her usual powerful self, she lead everyone in winning the 200m ahead of Sian Pledger and Rachela Pace. With her from Cardiff Charlotte introduced our welcome guest Rebecca Chapman, who won handsomely the 100m in 11.95, pulling along a club foursome lead by Claire Azzopardi (12.03), Carla Scicluna (12.17), Charlotte (12.19), and Sian Pledger (12.55). Chapman went on to leap 6.20m in the long jump ahead of Claire and Rachela in that order.

In the 100m men, our closest challenge was in 4th and 5th place, Steve Camilleri just edging out his cousin Ian Paul Grech, who went on to win both the Long and the Triple Jumps, as Kimahri Charles won the Triple for Women.

Other than the hurdles sprint result, the best other notable achievement was definitely that by Janet Richard in the 400m. Racing solely against the clock she turned in a truly impressive performance to record 54.54 seconds, the spectators cheering her all the way. Meantime, in the men’s event, rising starlet Graham Pellegrini won a hard-fought runner-up place, while, in the two-lap event, it was the effervescent Christian Luke Chetcuti who once again left everyone else high and dry.

In the events reserved for the U16 category, the High Jump was a Club affair, Paul Agius and Ekaterina Rollason emerging triumphant, with Kay Lee Testa and Jade Elise Borg performing a one-two in the 200metres.

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