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Clubs’ League 2

Kindly have a look at all the events in the MAAA Club’s 1st and 2nd league results. The ladies club’s league team has made a comeback in the second outing. In fact it has won the MAAA Club league meet with 176 points against the 154 points scored by St.Patricks. Now the ladies team is leading with a slim gap of just three points in our favour, as the current standing is 321 points for Pembroke and 318 points for St.Patricks.

The Men’s team has won the second meet as well, collecting 164 points, whilst Savio Ac managed to collect credible 159 points. In the overall scoring table, the men’s team is leading with 351 points against 325 of Savio AC.

The Youth boys did well and improved in the second clubs’ league. With the youths boys we are now trailing in second place behind La Salle AC youth boys by 19 points.

Well done to everyone and we will be ready for the 3rd and final Clubs’ league on Wednesday 1st July 2015!

Victor Camilleri



Photos credits to Wally Galea. FOr more pictures please click here to access Wally’s Gallery

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