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Clubs’ League 2019 Meet 1

Winners of 4 x 100m Relay Women

The Clubs’ League 2019 has started off with mixed results for the Club. With just three encounters, the first competition always means that a good start reflects more or less the chances of a final, over-all victory. In the main competition for Males, the longest running, the Club has proudly achieved an impressive 22 victories in a row, earning a double gold-star badge of honour on the club kit.

This year the team has come out battered and bruised from the 15 June competition, as a consequence of a number of factors. Primarily, the team was deprived of a number of its elite athletes, who, thinking ahead, had booked competitions abroad in reflection of the agreed local Calendar. However, during the course of this year this same Calendar, for no apparent, tangible reason, had competitions swapped, thus entailing the Club to rely on other, very valiant members, who gave their heart out to win the club points that could help in keeping us to the fore-front. The second factor that contributed to the not-so-good result was the fact that a significant number of injury problems hit certain key elements, exposing the club to field just one member in a number of disciplines. This constraint meant that in one event we had to forfeit all points following a protest from another club and upheld by the track referee, for an infringement committed through a lack of experience. This same reason saw the relay team also failing to register any points when the baton was dropped, with the athlete failing to realise that continuing the race would still have bagged the club points.

These same set-backs were unfortunately also reflected in the League contested by our girls. But, with more fire-power available in Malta, they put up an inspired performance, finishing just a mere 2 points adrift of the leaders on the first day. Certainly, a cause for an inspired come-back which is well within reach, but that is for the future to witness. Last year the girls were practically in the same position on the first day, but their gallantry and resilience won them the day and the league.

The third competition, that for the youth boys, was a hard-fought contest with the three main contenders separated by a mere four points. It has been some time since this league was won by the Club, a challenge which the boys hope to overturn this year.

Set against the high standards which the club has maintained over the last quarter century, these results are hope enough that this will be yet another glorious year, perhaps not the wash-out one would expect of the most successful club in Malta, but nonetheless a tribute to our many faithful members, the athletes, coaches, parents and minders, to whom the Club is truly indebted and grateful; for their belief in our administration and in our avowed ambition to produce LIFE CHAMPIONS!


4x100m Relay Youth Boys Team

4x100m Relay Senior Men Team

4x100m Relay Women Team 3

4X100m Relay Women Team 2

4X100m Relay Women Team 1

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