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Clubs’ League Team Work


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can say that Athletics is an individual sport discipline, BUT there are times when this is not the case!

Relays and Clubs’ league classification gives it another dimension – where the collective effort of every CLUB ATHLETE and COACH will result in a successful event in favour to the club. Flying the club colours and the prowess to fight for every point and acheiving higher placing in each event gives that extra cutting edge over other clubs.

This event is carried over again and again on three outings. The second clubs’ league taking place on 10th May, is important in all categories – the Boys Youth, Ladies and Mens league. We have to consolidate the Boys Youth and Mens league, where we are the leading club, but we have to make a strong comeback in the Ladies league. So we have to prepare ALL the athletes to run, jump and throw in ALL events and most important to score high points in the events.

To access the circular of Club League Day 2 event, kindly click here.

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