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Crowned Champions – At Last

It has been a long time coming, but for the same reason it tastes sweeter.  Pembroke Athleta is traditionally, at least counting the last two decades, more of a force at Track and Field.  Not that the club has been a laggard at non-stadia events, especially with its ‘home-grown’ talent – translating for those members that made the club their first and only, faithful choice.  Nonetheless, the MAAA Road Running League crown has always, somehow, been elusive; even as, in the past, the club triumphed at other non-stadia events like the ‘Village-to-Village’, ‘Round the Bastions’ and the ‘Marsaskala Road Relay’, among others. With the League reaching its apex on Sunday 19 at Marsaskala, the Club captured a total of 157 penalty points, an average of 32 penalty points per outing, against the 236 points of their nearest challenger Mellieha.  A lot of factors can be attributed to this success but one salient feature was the solidarity shown between the club athletes who despite other personal plans rallied to the cause and made themselves available at the five events making up the league.  This presence, a mixture of young and not so young talent, not only featured within the top runners finishing among the first 1st to 15th places, but with their participation and finishing spots, helped push back the competition, thus depriving it of valuable points.  No athlete among the group should be singled out, but special mention must be made of Brian Magri, Mark Herrera, Luke Micallef and Richard Chetcuti, although these were not the only four that at one time or another were instrumental to win the points.  To celebrate this fine victory the Committee has seen it fit to hold a reception at the Club premises in Tunis Road Pembroke this Friday 24 April where all the participants and their immediate family can socialise and review their achievements in a friendly and non-competitive environment.



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