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Drew Lang in Edinburgh full marathon Sunday 25th May


Congratulations Drew. His second conquest, at in the Edinburgh full Marathon on Sunday 25th May 2014, made us proud once again when he clocked 2hrs. 44mins 24sec. On Facebook, Drew described his race as shown below:

“Just arrived back after today’s Edinburgh Marathon feeling proud to finish, it was tough out there the wind was very strong for the first 18 mile then behind for the last 8 mile…….. at 16 mile I went for the gel and was accidently tripped up and fell heavily and lost my Garmin watch…… I thought of calling it a day but some how I found myself running again without my watch with sore ribs and loads of cuts…... Nevertheless big thank’s to my club Pembroke Athleta, Mark Gaglione,Garmin Malta, Eric and Jeanette Robathan, Douglas Dougall Carlo Frascogna, Johan Trumps, and all my freinds on facebook who supported me but mainly my wife Edith Lang who has been there for me every step of the way”

Overall Drew finished in the 27th position from nearly 10,000 participants. Moreover, he placed 2nd in his age group – only 37seconds behind the first runner. Furthermore, on his Facebook profile he wrote the following:

“I posted on Facebook the evening of the race, at that time I didn’t know my finishing stats, which is 27 TH overall from nearly 10,000 runners, 2 ND in my age group only 37 sec behind the 1 ST one, I was 3 RD or 4 TH overall Scots, my time was 2.44 an ranks my 2nd in the Scottish rankings for my age group.

Clearly not as good as last year but if it wasn’t for the fall I’m sure I would have ran faster than last year and won my age group like last year and went top of the rankings for my age for which I ended 2013 number 1 in Scotland for the Marathon for my age.”

For more information about the marathon, click on the following link: .

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