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First and Third in the Agones Duoathlon series

On Sunday 18th January, club athletes Hannah Pace and Stephanie Alden took part in the first of a series of Duoathlon, well organised by Agones Club. Well done to Agones club for taking such initiative. The venue was set on the outskirts of Kirkop/Safi next to the airstrip perimeter.

The competition was well contested with the best of local male and female triathletes. Our main focus was on the ladies event where Hannah Pace and Stephanie Alden achieved a good result placing first and third in the women’s event having to deal with a run section of 4.8km, a bike section of 18.2km and a repetition of the run to conclude the duoathlon. Hannah was second in the first section of the run, but during the bike section, she built a good advantage to have a good lead to finish first in the last running section. We were pleased with the comeback of Alden, where she proved to be a valid triathlete for next season.

This was not all, as the Malta Triathlon Association Academy, presented a school of young boys and girls, in a duoathlon event in two age categories. Well done to these youngsters. Our club has three young members, Andre, Mark and Nathan attending the academy school on regular basis and all of them have done well.  Keep it up lads and their parents as well for their constant support!





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