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M.A.A.A. Road Relay 2020

M.A.A.A 4x 5km Marsascala Road relay was held on Sunday 8th March, 2020. Our Ladies team won the relay race, whilst our Men’s teams finished the full race in 3rd position!

The Ladies team, was lead by first leg Paula Grech, followed by Catherine Chetcuti, Hannah Cutajar and 4th leg runner Lorna Mifsud. The PAAT Red ladies finished the relay race in 1st place with a handsome lead!

The Men’s team was composed of runners Ahmed Maxamed, Jacob Greengrass, Shaun Galea and team leader Aaron Mifsud. The three young lads, powered and inspired by experienced Aaron, finished the race in 3rd place. Ahmed Maxamed registered the 2nd best time after the best leg winner Charlton Debono.

We congratulate these PAAT athletes who did us proud. Well done!

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