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MAAA Road Running League 4 – Ta’ Qali, Pembroke Athleta success

The captioned photo shows most of the Pembroke Athleta road running team just before the MAAA 4th series road running league at Ta’ Qali. Our club has been dominating the classification  since the first road running races – Siggiewi 5km and Maqluba 5k, placing first in both events. While placing second in the 10km Qawra road race, we have again successfully placed first at ta’ Qali 10km, having six Pembroke athletes in the first thirteen rank orders.

This success is the fruit of the dedication all our Pembroke Athletes endure, with the training programmes of their respective coaches. Our Club administration has long been monitoring their development over a number of years, some of them since their youth age and grass roots.

For the last Road Running League race in April we advise our athletes to finish the league and defend their individual placing and age categories to reap full success.

We would like to thank ATTRANS international transport for their support and commitment – who are the Main Sponsors of our Eurosport, Adidas, Club kits.

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