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PA Superb Performances at M.A.A.A. Micro Event 1

Athletics is back! With a bang!

Had anyone nourished thoughts that the hiatus suffered this year would have a long-lasting effect on performances, or like-wise diminish the power of the Club stalwarts, the answer was witnessed at the first competition played out after the hibernation. Scintillating performances by and large in all the events contested, Micro Event 1 saw Ian Paul Grech shine in the Triple Jump, a mere 4 cms away from the National Record and with a runner-up spot in the 100m to boot. All the while Claire Azzopardi was going one better winning both these events in style. Up and coming shining light Jeremy Zammit, in his first U18 season, carried away the 200m in front of team-mate Christian Luke Chetcuti who put up a brilliant tactical display to handsomely win the one-lap sprint. Absolute dominance was then demonstrated in the very last race of the day, when Janet Richard, Sarah Busuttil, Sian Pledger, and Sara Bartolo finished in that order in the 200m. What would have really capped the successful showing might have been a national record. A too-strong wind following denied our other U18 starlet Rachela Pace, who cleared 11.56m in the Triple Jump in her final attempt. It boggles the mind to reflect on what else is in store for the rest of the summer.

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