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Pembroke Athleta Confirmed as Malta’s Prime Athletics T & F Club

It has been two decades since the Club first emerged victorious after having built up a team throughout the early nineties that could challenge for the honours in the Club’s League. Following that first taste there was no turning back and for 20 consecutive years the honour of top club has never been ceded, to any rival. During these years there were instances when the challenge from other clubs practically fizzled out when it was realised that the all-round performances of the club’s numerous. faithful members were too much to handle, forcing many a rival to opt out from putting up resistance. Indeed, the club has also great respect for those rivals that notwithstanding the might, the strength in depth of the Pembroke outfit, continued the challenge even as it was often clear that Pembroke was too formidable. Meantime, the female members of the club were also holding their own, registering their own numerous victories, conceding only two losses during the years since their league came into being. One significant reason for all this success is the nurturing from a young age of fresh blood through the nurseries and youth programmes updated regularly to see the emergence of champions that in a few short years match and surpass their peers in performances. In fact, best performances and national records are so common among Pembroke members that not one single season goes by that new marks are posted, in all disciplines within the sport.

This year 2017 has been especially outstanding, with Pembroke emerging champions in all three categories, the youth boys mounting a huge come-back to wrest the title from La Salle, a formidable task given the well-organised team put up year in year out by the youths from the Cottonera College. Further proof to further cement this emerging talent in the sport is the selection of the MAAA’s youngest team to take part in the European Kids Athletics Games in Brno, where the club will be represented by half the contingent. This apart from having a very promising youngster about to join the club from his school team who is also part of the Brno team.

If the Club is so strongly represented among the lower categories, it is no less present when it comes to wear the national colours at the highest levels, and again, this year was no exception. In fact while the club presence at the GSSE was 40%, three of the five individual medals were won by Pembroke members, with two on three climbing the podium. There again, in the European League 3rd Division, club members made up half the team, with another six members finishing on the podium.

Now if all this does not make it an outstanding season, what else does?

Is this the apex of success for the Club? Certainly not! As long there are disciplines to be contested, then the Pembroke colours will be ‘in it to win it’, for no success, no honour, is high enough for the best club on Malta too difficult to reach. Such is the discipline, the dedication and the commitment. March on Pembroke Athleta.

Clubs’ League Day 3

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