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Pembroke Athleta sealed its 21st title in a Row in the MAAA’s Clubs League

ATHLETICS – Final Encounter, The Clubs League

Champion Club Pembroke Athleta managed to retain the major titles won last year when in the third and final encounter, despite missing some of its best elements, the club managed to stave off stiff opposition that had threatened to upset its dominance in the sport.

The male team led by captain Ian Paul Grech started the day with a flimsy lead of just 13 points gained mostly on Day 1 and consolidated on Day 2 with another point margin. The final tally of 533 points, 21 ahead of their nearest challengers Rush AC, followed by La Salle, was sealed with the team finishing ahead by 8 points. This lead was far from being comfortable as it was mostly the field events that carried the day, where the team dropped just 3 points from their six events.

The girls had a much tougher hill to climb, starting the day a point adrift of rivals Rush AC, who up to the last two events of the day were cruising in for the kill. However, another brilliant result by Lisa Marie Bezzina in the 5000m and a spirited relay victory led by team captain Rebecca Sare` ensured maximum points, placing the girls 4 points ahead on the day and overturning the point deficit following the first two outings.

The boys’ spirited resistance and a deserved second spot failed to materialise when their relay team did not get on the points table.

This League was indeed a sweet triumph for Pembroke Athleta and its proud athletes, most of whom make the National Team, always looking forward to further success donning the National Colours, which also happens to be their own.

Finally, on behalf of the committee members, we would like to thank all Pembroke Athleta participating athletes and all their coaches for their role in helping the club retaining the Clubs’ League titles one more time!

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