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Pembroke Youths as part of Brno Selection

The Magnificent Seven was and still is, a very popular film featuring seven heroes.  Certainly no less are the seven – heroines mainly – that make up no less than HALF the MAAA selection that will be competing proudly between the 11 and the 13 September  in BRNO the CZECH Republic.  Led by the superb Alessia Cristina, after a truly impeccable T & F season, the youngest member, Kayleigh Chetcuti, herself a medal winner last year following the recognition of her exceptional talent that led towards her selection, will be competing in the 60 and 150m and perhaps in the long jump.  In this latter discipline especially, Jeremy Zammit, born in the same year 2004, hopes to repeat the exploits exhibited in the Summer Meets, when he cleared a fantastic 5.44metres.  Jeremy is no less competent in the sprints, so he will also be taking part in the 60 and 150 metre events.

Going back to our star athlete Alessia Cristina, winner of three golds in 2016 in the 60, 300m and relay, in the process adding her name and that of team Malta to the Games’ Record books alongside the exploit of Martina Xuereb who has been featured as from the first edition, the pressure will be all on her.  However, the Club believes that her character is as strong as her pretty muscular body, and her frame of mind is way beyond her tender age, enough to carry her through for further success.

Another member the club is so proud to see wearing our colours will be Rachela Pace, an age category record holder in the High Jump, where she hopes to have another go to better her height best of 1.60metres.  Rachela, a natural jumper, will also be competing in the Long Jump, the 300m and hopefully also the relay as long as the program permits.

Now we have to mention the new-comers making their debut on the international scene.  New names that emerged explosively this year have been Lydon Pisani and Jacob Greengrass.  For all those persons following regularly the sport it will emerge quite clearly that the explosive sprinting talent of the first is equally matched by the rhythmic pace of the second in the 1500m, in which, in this initial year, Jacob has known no peers.  Meanwhile Lydon will be competing in the 60, 300m and relay. Last but not least is Rachel Aquilina, a debutante on the international scene who has matured admirably under the guidance of her coach David, emerging as a very interesting sprinter and a valuable asset to the club.  As if this fire-power is not enough, the coming days shall see yet another immensely talented youngster who has not failed to come away empty handed from Brno in his two appearances thus far.  In fact Sean Spiteri, who also represents San Anton School, last year had himself return home with three medals, a talent if ever there was one, and who the club very proudly welcomes to its glorious ranks.  Sean will be defending the podium in the 60m, 300m and especially the long jump, where his clearances this year, at 6.11 and 6.12metres, have no other word to describe them but EXCEPTIONAL.  Naturally, he will also be a crucial element in the relay.

Youngsters to be really proud of, both as our club members, but especially as the crème de la crème of Maltese youth athletics.

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