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Planning for the future


Pembroke Athleta Athletics & Triathlon Club (P.A.A.T.) has launched a plan aimed at consolidating on the past performances which has made P.A.A.T the leading club on the local athletics scene, and take the big step in aiming to reach higher standards.

Details of a Sports Development Programme and an Elite Athlete Support Scheme were announced during an information meeting for the Club Members, held over the weekend.

The Development Programme is intended to enhance the further development of the club’s athletes and coaches by organising Training Camps & Coaching Clinics, to identify new and upcoming talent, to present it’s members with the best possible resources to maintain the momentum built over the past decades, to present it’s members with more opportunities to participate in international competitions both locally and abroad, and in the process help raise the competitive standards of the club’s athletes.

Although the details of the programme have just been announced, the club has for some months already been working on these initiatives, leading to the acceptance of P.A.A.T. as an EAP Circuit Member. And in supporting a group of no less than 15 Club Members who will be travelling to London in January to take part in an indoor athletics meeting.

In the meantime the 1st EAP Malta International Athletics Meeting is scheduled for the 4th May 2019, wherein EAP Member Athletes, other International Non-EAP Athletes and all local athletes can take part.

Athletes (Track & Field and Road Running), and Triathletes starting from the Youths Category and older will be eligible for the Elite Athlete Support Scheme. More than 20 athletes are expected to benefit from P.A.A.T.’s scheme for the year 2019. The scheme includes a number of benefits ranging from club kits, financial assistance, subscription to a fitness centre, a sports supplement scheme and a sports/health insurance cover.

In this regard Pembroke Athleta Athletics & Triathlon would like to thank 24/7 Fitness Club, Starbene and Mediterranean Insurance Brokers (MIB) for their support in making this possible.

P.A.A.T. would also like to thank their current Main Sponsors ATTRANS and EUROSPORT for their continuous support.

Club President, Mr. Victor Camilleri, addressing P.A.A.T. members

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