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Real Gold for Pembroke Athleta Athletics & Triathlon

Much as has been the success of our Club over the years, especially over the best of the last 3 decades, THE red-letter day, Monday, August 9, 2021, will FOREVER be marked as the day our Club has put down permanent roots.

For on this day DREAMS have REALLY come true! This day has seen years of constant endeavors to mark our spot at the town that has welcomed and embraced the Club; by the grant, as OUR NATURAL HOME, of historic premises and surrounding land, through which Pembroke can continue to reach for higher, longer, and stronger goals, in line with the Olympic ideal.

In his public address, the Parliamentary Secretary responsible for Sport Hon. Dr. Clifton Grima, L.LD M.P., whose endless efforts finally brought about the Administration’s approval, clearly highlighted the merits that our Club extends to many of Malta’s youth towards character formation, disciplinary attitudes, love of sport, and the fostering of respect as much to their peers as towards their coaches, minders and to society at large. Dr. Grima remarked that Pembroke was a credit to Maltese sport and a shining example for others to follow.

The signing ceremony presided over by Notary Joe Cilia, had Dr. Luciano Busuttil, Chairman SportsMalta signing on behalf of the Administration and Pembroke Athleta, Athletics & Triathlon Secretary Dr. Leslie Cuschieri sealing the contract that will cover the next 45 years with further options of renewal, was witnessed in the presence of Hon. Dr. C Grima M.P., by the President of PASC Mr. Alex Calleja, the former emphetuta, and our own Club President Mr. Victor Camilleri. Present also for the occasion was Club PRO Mt Anthony Fava, Club Treasurer Mr. Mark Scicluna, and Club Members Ms. Rita Sare` and Mr. Raymond Farrugia, among other guests

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