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Rebecca Camilleri broke her own National Long Jump record twice

Jivko Jetchev – one of our club coaches has been coaching Rebecca for the past 14 years. She has been studying and working quite a lot in different countries and presently she is reading a Phd in Italy. Since she is based in Italy, she is currently with Bracco Atletica Milano, however she always kept contact with her coach Jivko, guiding her with the daily training session. Her boyfriend Federico, plays an important role also in the absence of Jivko’s physical presence during her training sessions in Italy. This has paid a successful season. One must not forget her outstanding national long jump record of 6.30m last year and the unfortunate incident when she broke her leg a day before her important competition at Mediterranean Games. Her strong and determined character always gave her that extra edge to make such a significant come back.

On the second day of the National Athletic Championships, 1st June, she broke two consecutive national records, measuring 6.32m and 6.41m respectively. These two jumps also secured her ticket to the upcoming Commonwealth Games in Glasgow as she went way beyond the MQS of 6.20m. In between she even managed to make a 6.60m leap with a slight marginal error on the take off board. The captioned photo below shows the actual record jump of 6.41m. This jump for now is ranked as 20th in Europe and second in Italy for this season. During the Championships, Rebecca also ran a good 100m sprint in a time of 12.20sec placing second in the final race. Good luck Rebecca in your studies and may you have more success in your athletic events.

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