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Starting Season 2015-2016

Pembroke Athleta Athletics & Triathlon club celebrated the end of an Athletic & Triathlon season 2014-15 and the start of a new season 2015-16. This social activity was held last month at our club house, Pembroke Athleta Sports Club. Athletes from categories of cadets upwards attended this stand up reception, together with their respectivce coaches. During the event, we exchanged experiences of a wonderful and successful season, whilst we look forward to beginning a new one.

The hard work of the committee together with the full co-operation of the coaches, were instrumental in helping our club athletes retain a number of good performances throughout the whole season. The recognise our athletes’ achievements, our club athletes were generously honoured for their efforts. Each member athlete received a DVD highlighting the moments during competitions in road running, track & field and triathlon events. They were also awarded a certificate, endorsing personal bests and national records. Additionally to this, Eurosport vouchers were distributed to those Pembroke club athletes who featured in breaking National records in track and field events. Other Eurosport performance vouchers were distributed to those athletes who achieved top placing in MAAA road running events, track & field Championships and triathlon events. Those athletes who represented Malta in international competitions – namely the Games of Small States of Europe and Baku European Games were also awarded with Eurosport vouchers.

Well done to Pembroke Athleta Athletics and Triathlon

Victor Camilleri










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