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The 2018 Clubs’ League – First Round

This year Pembroke Athleta is facing a stiffer test to retain the title won by our males’ year-on-year over the past 20 years.  This is not due to lack of commitment, or to our wealth of talent, but what with other competitions, certain members competing abroad, injuries, studies, work and multiple other reasons, unfortunately a full team is sometimes hard to come by, as our President Victor Camilleri can attest to.  Nevertheless, at this first outing our boys withstood all that was thrown at them and emerged ahead on points from their nearest challengers.  Not by a wide margin, meaning that the club cannot afford to be complacent.  For this reason, all members are urged to rally around our colours to maintain the momentum in the next two outings.

As for the Ladies’, the absence of certain valiant members meant that the team is trailing our competitors by one point, in second place, thus making the appeal crucial in order that the position may be reversed with finality.  As for the Boys’ League, which this year is being contested quite healthily by the clubs, our team is also trailing in second place by one point, and therefore all remains at stake.  Hence the call by our glorious club Pembroke for all to remain focused and determined to go that one better, above all, to defend the three titles won in season 2017.

The picture following this first outing is far from doom and gloom though!

On the contrary, the Club is proud of the fact that all our members pulled together, obtaining some FANTASTIC results, fighting tooth and nail for that extra point, and when this was not possible, giving their heart out to feature high in the points table for their particular event.  Rising above all this were the highly laudable performances in the female sprints, with ALESSIA CRISTINA tearing apart the best-ever time for the YOUTHS 200m by a staggering 0.21 seconds to set a new mark at 25.01 seconds.  Equally of high mention was the second place the club had to acknowledge, obtained by CARLA SCICLUNA, ahead of her rival until the last 2 metres but pipped to the post in an equal timing.  Not gone unnoticed was the magnificent effort of our LAWRENCE RANSLEY in the shot put, only 1cm away from his own National Record, which we believe is also set to crumble if this form is maintained.  As was the magnificent effort of JACOB GREENGRASS, timing his run to perfection in the 800m to finish in his accustomed highest spot.  To these top-notch results our National Champion and record holder REBECCA SARE posted a SB in the Triple Jump to make it a double along with her Long Jump triumph.  Other maximum points were obtained by IAN PAUL GRECH (Triple), CHRISTIAN MIFSUD & JOANNE VELLA (Javelin), 400m (MARK MIFSUD), JEREMY BORG & JEREMY ZAMMIT (Long Jump), LEANNE XUEREB UNGARO (Shot) and the clockwork precision relay team on this occasion composed of KATYA VASSALLO, CARLA SCICLUNA, ALESSIA CRISTINA and CLAIRE AZZOPARDI.  Moreover, most of these athletes mentioned gained high points for the club with second and third spots, as did other athletes like BRADLEY MIFSUD, JADE AMATO, LARA BUHAGIAR, CLAYTON SHELDON, NATALINO FARRUGIA, HILJA O’NEILL, LUKE MICALLEF and GIANELLA BUGEJA in the individual events and LYDON PISANI, ANDY GRECH and SEAN SPITERI in the  relay, with special mention that must be made of the courageous DANIEL BORG FERANDO, who despite an injury carried on over the line before collapsing on the tartan in the 100m, embodying the true spirit reigning in our club PEMBROKE, striving to retain our status as TRACK & FIELD CHAMPIONS.

The club is PROUD of you all, as well as the supporting members taking part in the events and those that witnessed our efforts from the stands, along with parents, family, friends and other supporters.

COME ON REDS!  Let us rise to the occasion ONCE AGAIN in Season 2018.

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