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The National Championships 2019

Other than representation of country, donning with pride the National colours, the annual National Championships are rightly the main goal, the stage on which each aspiration towards honour leads.

Contested over a five-day period, in order that long distance exertions afford athletes time enough for recovery, our Pembroke Athleta members again gave an excellent account of their capabilities, at the end of the day emerging victorious, as Champions, in 14 disciplines, including the 4 x 100m Relay Women.

In fact, the females also managed another 4 second and 3 third places while the males recorded another 4 second places and another 2 third. This is not taking into account another number of first places in categories other than the Open.

The Sprints and the Jumps once again proved to be the Club’s forte, Charlotte Wingfield winning both the 100 and 200m, with Ian Paul Grech and Claire Azzopardi both finishing in second spots in the highly competitive shorter sprints. Janet Richard won handsomely the 400m besides placing just behind Charlotte in the 200m while Daniel Saliba remained the undisputed top gun in the 110m hurdles.

In the Long Jump the Club once again reigned supreme with a demonstration of power with a one-two-three by Claire Azzopardi, followed by Rebecca Sare` and Rachela Pace, while in the males’ Ian Paul Grech confirmed why he is the current Male Athlete of the Year. Out of competition but in second spot just the same with another amazing result, finished 15-year old Jeremy Zammit, who along with Rachela have made age category records their own time and again and whose prospects shine as bright as any star in the new moon phase. To really cement the club’s power in the jumps, Ian Paul Grech won the Triple Jump leaping very near his personal best. And to compliment this feat, Rebecca Sare’ also came quite near the distance registered this year as a National Record by her team-mate Claire Azzopardi, who hopped, stepped and jumped into first and second place respectively.

Aside of these disciplines, the Club put on excellent performances to win, through Jordan Gusman and his counter-part Lisa Marie Bezzina, the gruelling 10,000m with Jordan going on to win the 1500m, at which Dario Mangion gained third place. Luke Micallef continued to demonstrate why he has become one of the top names in Maltese distance events by winning the 3000m Steeplechase, followed by newly turned veteran Mark Herrera, who placed second.

In the throws it was left to Bradley Mifsud to win the Javelin, with Miguel Griscti taking third place. Bradley’s brother, Christian, was second in the shot while Jana Dabic, although out of competition, was third, same as she finished in the Hammer.

The 4 x 100m relay was another blazing performance crowning the final day, with the foursome of Rebecca Sare, Rachela Pace, Sian Pledger and Charlotte Wingfield storming in well ahead of the competition.

Aside from these ‘Open’ achievements, category wins were registered by Rachela Pace, Alessia Cristina, Jacob Greengrass and 0/55 veteran Brian Magri, not only being the category winner in the 5000 and 10000 metres but in addition establishing National Records at this age category. Other athletes who placed in their category were Steve Camilleri, Sean Spiteri, Luke Mizzi and Gary Cocker.

Excellent performances that continue to make Pembroke Athleta proud!

Pembroke Ladies in 100m Final Race

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