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Zurrieq Wolves Race – Half Marathon and 10km

Well done to our Pembroke Athleta Athletes who participate’s in the Zurrieq Half Marathon and 10km event. They proved to be the best when the Challenge was there. Club athletes Richard Chetcuti and Brian Magri crossed the finish line in 1st and 2nd position respectively in the half marathon. We are very sorry for Drew Lang and Luke Micallef who got lost or were misguided during this run, and unfortunately had to drop out.

Thanks to our athletes, Pembroke Athleta was also awarded the first team club placing with Richard Chetcuti, Brian Magri and Johann Galea. Well done lads!

Hannah Pace crossed the finish line in second place in the 10km event and 1st place under 23, while Jessica Bonnici placed 9th. Romina Bezzina came first in the over 40 category. Additionally, these athletes took the first team placing for Pembroke athleta in the 10km.

Richard Chetcuti (pictured above in Red) – Winner of Half Marathon


Pembroke Athleta team Brian Magri, Johann Galea, Richard Chetcuti – Winning team of the half marathon

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